Correspondence Course of Japanese Calligraphy 2017-2018

Applications for 2017-2018 school year are already closed. Applications for 2018-2019 will be opened during June 2018.

I would like to offer you a Correspondence Course of Japanese Calligraphy. The design of the course requires students to send homework on a monthly basis by classical mail to the teacher. 

From time to time you can find a workshop of calligraphy where you can try this out. This course is for someone who is seriously interested, who has few hours per week to spend behind a desk and at the end of each month send me homework.  It does not matter if you have any experience with calligraphy or if you are studying Japanese. Themes of homework are divided according to the students’ level. The course is right even for absolute beginners.  

You can apply for next school year (September 2017 – June 2018) no later than August 15. If you wish to enroll in the course, please send me a short email and let me know your address where I can send the homework. You may use a form below. I reply and confirm your application right away. The first envelope with the homework will be in your mailbox at the beginning of September.    

After you receive first homework, you can decide if you continue or not. If you find out that calligraphy is not the right thing for you, you do not need to pay for the first homework. You will be unsubscribed automatically. But if you decide to continue, I will ask you to pay for the whole school year up to September 15.  After you pay, you will receive new models and corrections of previous homework by classical post every month. Students send homework at the end of each month. Postage for an envelope with homework to Japan costs approximately 2 € (by not registered air mail).

Fee for the whole year (ten envelopes)

5000 CZK (4000 CZK students and retired people) for Czech citizens

250 € (200 € students and retired people) for EU citizens

300 $ (250 $ students and retired people) for others

For calligraphy, you need a brush, Indian ink, felt pad and paper (old newspaper or paper from a copy machine would do at the beginning). You can find these supplies at good art shops or many Asian vendors. Just ask for Japanese or Chinese calligraphy. 

PDF with the offer in English

PDF with the offer in Czech

Name *
Please let me know a little bit about you. When I prepare or correct homework I like to know for whom I am doing it.


It’s a great way to relax and calm down. It also made me discover many things about myself. I don’t regret it and I’m happy to find out that correspondence way is possible :)


What you wish to ignite in others must first burn within yourself. That’s pretty clear over here. Calligraphy is not a social thing. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if I write alone or next to someone. It’s between me and the paper. That’s why the correspondence course suits me perfectly. Nothing and no one disturbs me, I can have a look at everything, compare, go back, discover and explore. Amazing for loners, for others “just” fantastic.