Calligraphies for purchase

I would like to offer you calligraphies for purchase. This is not about selling prints or prewritten calligraphies in a shop. I offer to brush calligraphies tailored to your needs and deliver them by post to you. The process is straightforward. You may order a calligraphy for you or as a present. Just choose what you like and place an order through a form on this website. The calligraphy will be delivered approximately within one month. Price is 1500 CZK (60€ or 65 $). You are expected to pay after receiving the calligraphy. I hope you will find my offer interesting.

My offer

For this year I am offering you few themes that are most frequently in demand by my clients. For each piece, I have chosen a style of characters that suits perfectly to the theme. I brush calligraphies on very high-quality Japanese handmade paper “washi”, size 290 mm x 405 mm. A frame is not included.

How to order?

You can order the calligraphy through the form below. After I receive your order, I will brush the calligraphy and send it to you by registered mail.

When do I receive it?

Because I live in Tokyo now and I need a few days to brush the piece, the delivery takes approximately one month from the day you place the order. If you intend to give the calligraphy as a Christmas present, please consider that post gets much slower before the Christmas time.

How do I pay?

Price is 1500 CZK (60€ or 65 $). You are expected to pay for the calligraphy through PayPal after you receive it. (Czechs may pay by bank transfer to my Czech bank account)

Custom offer    

If you like my work, but you did not find a theme you are looking for, send me an email. Sorry, I’m no longer taking calligraphy commissions for tattoos.

Name *
e.g. Ai / Love
I would be very happy to know a little bit about you and why you are ordering this.


I got in touch with René when I was preparing a cover for the Czech edition of Japanese novel The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide. I had an idea that the cover, apart from a Czech title, could also feature the original title Neko no kyaku in calligraphy. Even we have never met with René, he was friendly to talk to and approached the project professionally. When I received the calligraphy I was very exited to show it to all my colleagues. The book is already published and the calligraphy on the cover is perfect.


I was eager to open the box. When I did, I was amazed. Together with the translation, it looked magnificent. Your price wasn’t the lowest, but for the quality and approach to your craft, you deserve every single penny. If you demand a calligraphy brushed with precision on a high-quality material, I wholeheartedly recommend René.