Nice signboards I saw last week

Few nice signboards I saw last week

Few nice signboards I saw last week

As usually I went to see number of exhibitions last week. But I’ve seen more nice calligraphies out than in. As you can see, I was walking a lot.

Spotted on my way to galleries

I knew we have Obon over here these days. But still I was surprised to see all galleries closed last weekend. So I was eager to take some pictures with my new 7,5 mm fish eye lens. I realized that fish eye is not for shy amateur photographer like me soon… Anyway, there are some signboards I found interesting on my way.

You’re invited to exhibitions of calligraphy. Not by emails, websites, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, BUT BY POST CARDS!

It’s roughly two years since I started to visit galleries on every Saturday and I’ve probably visited more than 500 exhibitions of calligraphy. I usually visit few places in Ginza, sometimes in Ueno and occasionally in Roppongi. Luckily all of them are always entrance free and I need to pay only for transportation. Calligraphy is a hobby for retirement and probably most of visitors don’t have an email address. It sounds very old school, but these post cards are still used to invite people. I scanned few to show them to you. Would you say that these are invitation cards for exhibitions of calligraphy?