Few nice calligraphies I saw last month

I am quite busy these days. But I am working like never before. Recently I have shot two videos about signboards that I am going to edit soon. Attending a course of mounting and working on my very first scroll. There are some pictures from galleries I have visited during last month.

Few nice calligraphies I saw last week

Few nice stamps I saw last week

Wa (peace or harmony) in eight styles

This is what I saw recently during one exhibition in Ueno. I found it pretty awesome.

Few nice calligraphies I saw last week

There was a summer festival in front of our house on Saturday and we also had to wake up quite early on Sunday to catch a bus to see Mount Fuji. I had just one hour to drop by at Ginza to see some exhibitions.

Few nice calligraphies I saw last week

I went to Roppongi to see one more time the Mainichi Shodo Exhibition in The National Art Center and as usually to Ginza. This weekend I’m going for three days to spend some time with my wife and take some pictures of Mount Fuji. Another load of nice calligraphies should be in two weeks.

Few nice calligraphies I saw today

Today I went to Ueno to see another part of Mainichi Shodo Exhibition and to Ginza as usually to see few more. Tokyo turned to a sauna and I rather take pictures in air-conditioned galleries than on streets. But I’m gonna take few trips to take pictures of signboards as soon as temperature drops to human level. I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures. I like them very much.

"Few" nice calligraphies I saw last week

The Mainichi Shodo Exhibition is opened. The exhibition is held in The National Art Center and one ticket cost 700 JPY. But luckily I got free one in Naraya. There are some calligraphies I found interesting. Please enjoy!

You’re invited to exhibitions of calligraphy. Not by emails, websites, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, BUT BY POST CARDS!

It’s roughly two years since I started to visit galleries on every Saturday and I’ve probably visited more than 500 exhibitions of calligraphy. I usually visit few places in Ginza, sometimes in Ueno and occasionally in Roppongi. Luckily all of them are always entrance free and I need to pay only for transportation. Calligraphy is a hobby for retirement and probably most of visitors don’t have an email address. It sounds very old school, but these post cards are still used to invite people. I scanned few to show them to you. Would you say that these are invitation cards for exhibitions of calligraphy?